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Our Coaches

Senior Coach

Jaz's dance journey rooted in calisthenics from her very first steps. She has a 12-year tenure as a qualified calisthenics coach and her expertise extends beyond the studio into high school classrooms as a performing arts specialist.


Armed with a Certificate IV in Dance and a Bachelor of Education majoring in performing arts, her qualifications speak volumes about her commitment to the craft.


Jaz's teaching philosophy goes beyond dance steps; it's about fostering positive relationships and promoting well-being in every pupil.


Jaz Taylor

Alyssa Tilbrook

Intermediate & Junior Coach

Alyssa is a long standing member of Golden Heights Calisthenics Club, starting as a Tinie when she was 2 years old.

She is still a valued member of the Senior team and has competed in well over 20 Solo and Graceful Competitions. 

Alyssa completed her Cadet Coaches course in 2017 and became a Class Assistant for multiple teams within our club.

She completed her Level 1 Coaches course in 2022 and took on the Junior team in 2023 as Head Coach. Under her guidance she led them to overall 1st place winners in the State Championships,  


Nicole Clarke

Intermediate & Tinies Coach

Nicole has been involved with the Golden Heights Calisthenics Club for over 20 years, and is a valued member of our Senior team and an Executive Committee member,

In 2006 she became a class assistant across multiple teams.

 In 2014 Nicole completed her level 1 coaching course and has coached many Graceful's and Solo/Duo's as well as assisting the younger age groups. Nicole has been coaching the Tinies team since 2018 and is much loved by her pupils.

Nicole was the Assistant Coach to the Juniors team in 2023 using her valuable coaching experience to mentor and support Alyssa in her first year of coaching. Together they led the girls to winning their State Championships, gaining 1st Place overall. 

In 2024, the dynamic duo will be Co-Coaching our Intermediates team! 

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Michelle Nailer
Principal Coach

Sub-Junior & Minnies Coach

Michelle started calisthenics at 2 years old at Holden Hill North Calisthenics Club, before moving to Golden Heights as an Intermediate in 1998.

After gaining her Level 1 coaching qualification in 2001, she joined the coaching team in 2002 to coach the Sub-Junior 2 team, and has been coaching our Subbies ever since.

Michelle has coached countless numbers of Graceful's, Solos and Duos over the years, with many successful routines, and some of her soloists making the Championship section.


Calisthenics is a family affair for Michelle, with her Mum, Judi, having coached for many years, and her daughters Emily and Madeleine, both in teams at Golden Heights. 


Cherie Casiero

Kinder Cali Coach

Cherie started Calisthenics as a young child, joining Golden Heights in 1994 and performing as a Subbie, Junior and working up to Inters until 1999. In 2000, she decided to try other dance and sports including Jazz, Tap and Taewkondo.

She always felt something was missing and decided to come back to our sport and Golden Heights in 2021 as part of our Senior Team, 

She has excelled since returning and is always striving to improve her technique and flexibility.

She became a Class Assistant in 2022 and joined our Inters coaching team, 
Cherie became a Level 1 qualified Coach in early 2023. 

Cherie loves being around all pupils and strives to nurture them and improve their skill sets. 

She is loved by our younger students and was thrilled to become the Coach of our newly created Kinder Cali class, which is designed to give younger students an entry level, fun and relaxed introduction to Dance and Calisthenics. 


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