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Our Coaches

Suzanne Lee

Principal and Senior Coach

Suzanne has been involved in Calisthenics for 40+ years as a student, coach and mum. Suzanne commenced Calisthenics at the age of 3 and continued competeing until the age of 25. Suzanne represented the state numerous times throughout her competing years. In 2002 she obtained her level 1 coaching accreditation and has coached all age groups including state teams, graceful girls and solo/duos. Suzanne is passionate about promoting the sport of calisthenics and enjoys seeing the girls improve and make life long friends.

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Michaela Keast

Senior, Intermediate and Junior Coach

Michaela commenced Calisthenics at the age of 3, participating at both state and national level. Michaela started choreographing solo and team routines with her mum at the age of 14, and got her Level One coaching accreditation in 2015, as soon as she could! Michaela has coached all divisions in South Australia, and has assisted the 2017/2022 Intermediate S.A. Development Team and the 2019 Intermediate National Team. Michaela is also a trained singing and acting coach and works full-time at a dance studio. She is passionate about keeping girls in the sport and pushing the boundaries with innovative and creative routines.


Ashleigh Hocking

Intermediate and Junior Coach

Ashleigh started calisthenics in 1993 when she was 4 ½ years old, joining GHCC in 1998. In 2004 she represented SA in the Intermediate State Team. 
From 2000 onwards she was an assistant coach for the younger teams. Ashleigh completed the Level 1 coaches course in 2008 and has been coaching the Junior team ever since, also coaching the Intermediate team in 2014. She is currently a member of the Senior team and has also competed many Solos and Graceful Girls. Ashleigh absolutely loves coaching the girls at Golden Heights and is honoured to call the girls, mums and other coaches at Golden Heights her ‘Calisthenics’ family.


Michelle Nailer

Sub-Junior Coach

Details Coming Soon!


Nicole Clarke

Tinies Coach

Nicole has been involved with the Golden Heights Calisthenics Club for over 20 years, and is part of our Senior team. In 2006 she became a class assistant for numerous teams. In 2014 Nicole completed her level 1 coaching course and has coached many gracefuls and solos along with assisting the younger age groups. Nicole began coaching the Tinies team in 2018 and is a favourite with the younger members!


Jasmine Taylor

Minnies Coach

Jasmine, or 'Miss Jaz', has been with Golden Heights since 2015, and has co-coached both Sub-Juniors and Juniors. She was appointed the Minnies team in 2020. Jasmine has competed in calisthenics for most of her life, and has gained many personal achievements in both solo and team work. Jasmine also holds a CERT-IV in Dance, and loves incorporating various dance styles in her work!

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